Month: September 2011

That was the 1980s that was

If you've ever wondered quite why us Generation Xers are so odd, here's the explanation: insanity-based, drug-induced, epilepsy-causing computer madness.

And that's just the very, very long loading sequences. When you eventually got to the programs themselves, often after two or three weeks of loading (estimated), the thing you had spent all that time waiting for was often a baby boomer's revenge for the end of the Summer Of Love like 'Manic Miner' here.

I'm surprised anyone born in the 1970s is able to hold down a job, to be honest.

Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle

Ah, those crazy North Koreans with their famines and nuclear bombs and Dear Leaders and uniform haircuts. Bless 'em: almost as mad as Nadine Dorries.

C’est la vie, ma crepe suzette

Simply the funniest song ever sung, ever.