Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle

Ah, those crazy North Koreans with their famines and nuclear bombs and Dear Leaders and uniform haircuts. Bless 'em: almost as mad as Nadine Dorries.


  1. Getting your hair cut every 15 days?! I thought I was being extravagant having mine done once a month! I’ve had to extend that to every 6 weeks now I’m unemployed, but it starts to get unruly around the 4 week mark. The North Korean government appear to be experts in social control. I wonder what their travelling businessmen think when they go abroad?

  2. I shave mine off once a month; I could probably do it once every 3 weeks to the same effect, but once every 15 days?Maybe it’s an unemployment thing, keeping the barbers of Pyongyang in work?

  3. The only person I can think of who might be able to keep up with that schedule is John, as hair flows freely out of his follicles. Not sure the barbers of Pyongyang could force his unruly locks into one of the approved styles, though!

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