Ding dong the bitch is dead!

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  1. Please do not dismiss my comments before reading them properly.

    Whilst I agree with you in principle, we have all moved on and I suspect Margaret Thatcher would also have moved on in the fullness of time – it’s just that she was of a different generation – even though we view her comments today as offensive.

    You have to view comments from the past in the times the comments were made. For example, my views on “gay marriage” have now changed because I have looked at all sides of the argument and realised that I was wrong to hold the view that it was intrinsically “wrong”. This is in the light of where we are today, not from where we were in the past.

    You have to accept that views held by people in the past were “of the time” – and in the light of today’s enlightened society were obviously wrong. We all laughed at “Love Thy Neighbour” on TV in the 70s but not many of us from that generation would today contemplate making light of such racial discrimination.

    Don’t dismiss the generation of the 60s, 70s and 80s. We lived in a different age, but looking back, we accept that we were living through an age of change… for the better.

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