Domino’s dancing

About a fortnight ago, I got a flyer through the post for Domino’s Pizza. It had several tempting special offers and I spotted one that would work for me a week later, so I cut the coupon out.

A week later, I ordered pizza for the two of us from Domino’s via their website (the coupons themselves give both the website and the telephone number of the local franchises). At the checkout, it asked me for the number of the coupon. There wasn’t one: on the coupon, on the leaflet itself, anywhere. It was “only” £10 they were stiffing me for, and after the long ordering process, I decided to suck it up.

But I still said something on Twitter, asking the Domino’s account why I’d been excluded from the offers. They replied a few days later to ask why I hadn’t phoned the franchise in question to place my order, because then I’d’ve got the discount. I don’t like making phone calls if I can avoid it because I’m hard of hearing, I explained. They never replied.

A week or so later, I fancied a pizza (stop judging me). So I went online to order and decided I’d give Domino’s another chance, despite the coupon they wouldn’t honour. The Domino’s website announced that they were unable to deliver to me any more, but I could call the franchise to discuss an order. Very strange, I thought. So I opened another browser (Safari rather than Chrome, since you ask) and tried to order again. My order got through. If I used my original browser and my original email address, I was turned away. If I used a browser without the cookie and put in a different email address, they took my order.

Have I been banned by Domino’s Pizza from ordering online because I complained that they stiffed me? They’ll take an order for my address with a different email, but they won’t for me being me. It’s pretty clear that they’ve decided I’m trouble – the deaf guy who wants the discounts hearing people get, the fucker – and have fired me as a customer.

Fair enough: the customer is not always right. But all I did was ask them why the hearing impaired aren’t given the same discounts as the hearing. Apparently that’s enough for Domino’s to not want your money.

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