Once Upon a Time

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this. I assumed I had, but a search suggests I haven’t. Must’ve posted it to Facebook or somewhere equally obscure instead.

Anyway, this is the title sequence to Once Upon A Time… Man, a French 1970s 26-part cartoon series (shown revoiced into English on various ITV regions at various times) that charted the history of the human race from, as the video shows, our climbing out of the sea all the way to… well, the near future when we divide into two tribes and wipe each other — and the planet — out completely. Yeah, not a cheerful ending particularly.

Still, the titles have everything I could ever want: the theorem of evolution, the history of the human race, JS Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor with the boring middle bit edited out, and a parade of logos of European state broadcasters, many now gone or reorganised. What stands out from the logos is that the funding countries were mostly Catholic (including the very Catholic KRO from the otherwise protestant Netherlands – yer actual Katholieke Radio Omroep and everything). I suspect this shows that the so-called ‘debate’ on Darwinism has moved backward (there’s an appropriate word) as Christian groups have proposed the preposterous ‘intelligent design’ as an alternative to the theorem of evolution. The KRO would sadly be less likely to openly support a cartoon showing a good version of how we evolved now, given that ‘intelligent design’ could be proposed instead.