The dirtiest shelter in town

It's deadline week at work, so I'm doing extra hours and working extra hard. My back and wrists ache and my eyes alternate between so-dry-I-can't-blink and so-watery-I-can't-see. But it's only once a year, so I can't complain too loudly.

To keep myself going and to provide the right degree of distraction (enough to stop me going mad but not enough to prevent me from actually writing) I've had iTunes on a loop with 1,486 songs (2.7 days of music) playing. Oddly, iTunes DJ gets obsessed with certain songs, so about 1,400 songs are sitting ignored while it churns round the other 86. For some reason, the song iTunes DJ loves most is the theme to the BBC's 'Kick Start'. It seems to play every 10 songs and the next time it comes up, I'm fucking deleting the bugger.

The song I love most at the moment (it has only come up once this week) is the one above, seeing as it combines my two favourite things — World War II and smut.


  1. As a kid I couldn’t even see the point in Junior Kickstart, but I can’t imagine much worse than hearing that theme tune on such a frequency. Even once a year would be too much for me.

  2. Fabulous! I thought I had heard all songs of that era, but this is new to me. Who is the wonderful Carroll-Gibbons-style pianist?

  3. I’m afraid I can’t find any more details than the song being written by "WW Massie" and sung by Desmond – alas, the details likely present on the original record have a habit of dropping off by the time it’s transferred to CD and by the time it’s an mp3 download, even the author (and sometimes the singer) is lost too.

  4. Thanks. The Herebert Morrison /Sir John Anderson reference seems to date the song to the end of 1940, and Carroll Gibbons was still recording then, so I think the piano probably is him. Sad that such details so often get lost in the mists of time.

  5. 9 months late, perhaps, but I’ve only just seen this. This track is on "Britain Can Take It" (World Records (EMI) SH 213), where the sleeve credit is Florence Desmond with instrumental quartet, Alex Wade (piano). Hope this helps.

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