Their glory shall not be blotted out

As I’ve previously mentioned, my weird hobby when in Belgium is to visit and photograph Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries.

If you’ve never seen one, this must seem very odd indeed, so here’s a short video of Railway Dugouts (Transport Farm) cemetery, just outside Ieper/Ypres, so you can see what they generally look like and why they hold such fascination.

It’s been around 18 years since I last handled professional video cameras, so it’s no surprise that the videoed parts of the film are rubbish: inexperienced operator using a stills camera to take video pictures without a tripod == crappy film. Still, it’s no worse than most YouTube videos, especially as I shoved in lots of stills with too much Ken Burns effect on them. The camera mostly caught the sound of me breathing like some old pervert (say nothing) so I’ve dubbed a Public Domain rendering of Jerusalem over it, which leads to some accidentally hilarity (the choir sings “dark satanic mills”, the camera pans on to the grave of one S W Mills; each time they sing “England”, the camera comes to rest on a Canadian or Australian grave and so forth).

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