You’re fired

Mostly, American politics is poisonous. Even compared to the pernicious politics we’ve now got in the UK, where the members of the ‘radical centre-left’ third party form a nonsensical queue to support insane right-wing policies and attack those they are most politically close to, American politics as reported in Europe drips nauseating personal, immoral and bloody bile from both sides (but mostly from the right of the Republican party and from Rupert Murdoch’s House of Evil Media and Invisible Mending).

So it’s oddly nice to see the President of the United States getting the boot in too: to Murdoch’s minions and also straight into the ludicrously bewigged face of Donald Trump. And I can’t express the pleasure I feel at Trump sitting there, stony-faced and humiliated. Shortly after this singular drubbing at the hands of his Commander in Chief, Donny “Rugburn” Trump announced he was too much in love with his money to run for president after all. Also, he probably wouldn’t look forward to that damn liberal media replaying this clip every single time he made a speech during the entire election campaign.

Live by the sword, Don, die by the sword. Dog eat dog. Shit or get off the pot. Various other trite phrases that you’d’ve trotted out had you run for president. And above all: you’re fired.