Picture Box of DOOM

I have no real idea why this title sequence still gives me the creeps to this day. Is it the sinister, faintly out-of-key, oddly muffled steel drums music? Is it the sinister, out of focus, oddly rotating at an unpleasant speed box thing? Is it Alan Rothwell and his sinister and most probably sweaty palms in the continuity studio in Quay Street because Granada was too cheap to build him an actual set?

Perhaps it just it reminds me of pretending to be ill to avoid school and then finding that staying home watching daytime TV in the early 1980s was no laughing matter either.


  1. Oh god, I’d forgotten this title sequence. You’re right, it’s really very sinister!

  2. The box did actually make one appearance in the studio – ISTR Alan Rothwell putting a golden nugget inside it. You got to see Alan’s legs in that edition!I’m probably wrong, but I think the music (Maneche composed by Jacques Lasry) was recorded by Les Structures Sonores (Verity Lambert’s first choice to produce the theme music for Doctor Who) and was played on a Cristal Baschet.

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