Personal attacks, the making and recording of


Poor Margaret Beckett. Always the horse-faced bridesmaid, never the bride.

Mrs Beckett is a big supporter of the flawed X-voting system in the UK. Well, she would be, wouldn't she: she sits for Derby South where a tremendous minority of people (43.3%) want her as MP. Yep, she's another MP, like the terrifying Esther McVey for the Tories in Wirral West, who holds a safe seat despite a large majority of her voters wanting somebody – anybody – else as MP.

La Beckett, 68, has been vocally campaigning to retain X-voting and her minority safe seat. This means getting involved in NO2AV's long, long list of outright lies about AV. Mrs Beckett has happily spouted such stuff, although she must have known it wasn't true (the alternative being that she's actually dumb enough to believe the drivel she's saying, libel lawyers of the world please note).

Now she's popped up in that well-known defender of women's rights and progressive views, the Daily Mail [istyosty link] to complain that some unofficial pro-AV group or another in one of the darker recesses of Facebook have photoshopped her head on to a dinosaur. It was, she's quoted as saying, a "nasty personal attack". Because the official NO2AV campaign would never stoop so low, would it? It would also never publish who its funders are, Margaret. Perhaps you'd like to look into that? For the record, the Yes Campaign is funded by the Electoral Reform Society, the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and shaking buckets in city streets. NO2AV appears to be being funded by the same shady business people behind the so-called Taxpayers' Alliance. That should be more of a worry than a badly photoshopped dinobeckett, shouldn't it?

The problem with taking a stand on something is finding who you are standing next to. I was instantly and irrevocably against the immoral and illegal war against Iraq. That meant that I had to stand next to the prize foaming loon that is George Galloway. The ball-and-chain was pro-war, not believing that politicians would go to war on such an obvious, outright lie. That put him uncomfortably stood with the king of the thick, George W Bush.

So far, however, as a "Yes!" supporter, I'm not stood next to anybody demented or actively undermining the state. It's quite nice. What lefty and progressive "No" people think of standing next to the Beckosaurus, Billyboy Hague, the self-styled Taxpayers' Alliance, Nick Griffin(!!) and the Daily Express is, so far, unrecorded.