Starting over

Everybody’s blogging nowadays. Actually, that’s clearly not true. But still: a lot of people are.

I follow a number of blogs, some personal, some hobby related, some a mixture. For instances, there’s Scott, busy visiting each station of Merseyrail one at a time until he gets committed. There’s Robert, busy ogling McFly one at a time until he gets committed. There’s Tanya, with a box of old magazines, a scanner and a jar of snark. There’s Paul, with a fairly unique mix of trains, politics and men in tight shorts. There’s Andrew, a master consumer of walking boots and ale. And there’s Transdiffusion’s Mediablog, where I sometimes contribute but usually just read about what’s happening in the world of broadcasting and archives and stuff.

Last year, there was even me, attempting to document a year living on World War II rations, until I ran out of anything new to say about reheating potatoes (and in case you’re wondering, I did the impossible and put on weight while living on a perfectly balanced virtually fat free diet. Take that, nutritionists of the world).

With so much enjoyable chatter from friends and acquaintances, and with a busy life well worth documenting, possibly, I thought it was time to stop having angry political conversations with my shower unit each morning and start putting those views somewhere where even less people who care would read them and take notice. So here I am.

I’ve chosen Posterous on the basis that the iPhone app looks pretty and that I can tie various other bits of my life together with it, creating the ideal method for someone to begin stalking me.

And I’ve chosen 1 April to start because I can convince people that it was all a joke that got out of hand if it all goes horribly wrong and I end up getting stalked or something.

So now you know.

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