Great timing

Well, wouldn’t you know it: just as I start my shiny new blog, my
employer sends round an email to the entire company reminding us of
our responsibilities when using “social media”. These guidelines, it
says, “must be followed” when posting on a blog.

I must comply with the company’s Code of Business and Ethics. If I’m
about to publish something and it makes me even the slightest bit
uncomfortable, I’m not to shrug it off and hit “send”. If I mention
the company, I must also mention that the posts are my own and do not
represent official statements or views of the company.

I must be honest. I must not be defamatory, obscene, libelous,
threatening, harassing or embarrassing to others. I must “use good
judgment”, whatever that means. I must respect copyright. I must guard
my privacy. I must “add value” to the community. I must admit to and
correct mistakes quickly.

To which all I can say is: fuck that.